The Love Bounce-back

Happy Vals Day my Lovelies💋

Remember… Expressions of Love is not just for one day.

Show and express Love EVERYDAY as well as good deeds whenever and wherever possible.

Keep making your expressions of Love deposits and fill up that love account.

Love is far more easy to do than hate.

Hate is made up of all things negative and ugly and Love is made up of all things glorious and beautiful.

Don’t keep your heart full of envy, grudge, jealousy and all that jazzzz keep it full of Love and it will radiate all over you and simply make you beautiful inside and out (who doesn’t want that).

Therefore, the quick math is – Hate = Urrgly and Love = Beautiful.

That Love will also bounce back to you abundantly when you most need it and when you least expect it!

-Mummanopoly ❤️