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Autumn Love Letter

Dear Autumn, I feel like we need to have a chat! You’re giving me mixed signals. You’re not consistent. I’d like to know where I stand. When we go out, I don’t know how to be with you… You’re blowing hot and cold…. I get excited when I see you shining , I get so…


Procrastination is an abomination! Procrastination, is the thing that takes over you and causes hesitation. Procrastination is like waiting at the station but not boarding the train to your final destination. …but I won’t forget to mention, how it creates so much tension and immense deep rooted self-frustration. You allow all of distraction to prevent…

Mum on the Blog!

Hello my lovelies, I have been missing in action for a moment… It’s been a great ordeal with my children’s father since we separated in 2015 to finalise our extensive court order surrounding contact arrangements. It’s taken a little over 18 months to have it all final and written in stone about how future contact…

Can I just take a moment….

Ghana Independence 61 years deep. Ghana was the first African nation to break free from their European Colonisers on this day 6th March 1957. I love my country – Proud 🇬🇭❤️💛🖤💚✊🏾

The Love Bounce-back

Happy Vals Day my Lovelies💋 Remember… Expressions of Love is not just for one day. Show and express Love EVERYDAY as well as good deeds whenever and wherever possible. Keep making your expressions of Love deposits and fill up that love account. Love is far more easy to do than hate. Hate is made up…

Faith v Fear

When you focus on Faith rather than Fear you tap into a strength to carry you over even the tallest mountains.