Faith v Fear

When you focus on Faith rather than Fear you tap into a strength to carry you over even the tallest mountains.

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There are so many components to being a great Mum and most importantly being the Captain behind the ship, I discuss, how I keep my ship sailing β€˜smoothly’ despite the adverse life conditions. In this blog I reveal, in the realist form, the different ways in which I play the fantastic game of Mummanopoly my interpretation of the #singlemumlife but at the same time how I maintain happy kids, a happy me, my grace, courage, style, healthy habits, motivation etc. I

20 thoughts on “Faith v Fear

  1. I love your message, it is absolutely true. This is how I read it: When I stop meditating on fear and I focus on talking to and listening to Jesus about what I fear will happen without Him intervening, the reality of Jesus becomes more true to me than the lie of fear. When this happens satan is defeated and Jesus is free to work in me and through me without limitation.

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